So what does Lotus Life do?

A primer on how we make a difference in a country on the other side of the globe.

Location and Partner

Selecting a location comes along with finding the perfect partner.

Our partners are world class nonprofits and hospitals located in India. We actively seek out partners who have the resources and skills to carry out their own projects in an exceptional manner, and we work with them to integrate our own.

Our design process starts with the people. Creating a sustainable project that works requires understanding who we are benefiting and who is benefiting us.

Designing a system to deliver medical treatment involves working with all shareholders to see who are the key people in a rural ecosystem that can instill change. Working with our nonprofit partner in an geographic area, we conduct surveys to see what the need for treatment is and what obstacles we will face.

If one doesn't exist all ready, we create a qualified team of local people through proper training and education at certified institutions.

The Design Process

Feedback and Maintenance

How do we make sure that we're actually making a difference?

It starts with building a great support system. We train our partners and volunteers in the area to perform a variety of tasks to keep our work going such as repair and maintenance of medical devices. Using a comprehensive feedback system, we have reviews with our partners in the area and conduct field visits in order to assess the quality of the treatment that we are giving the children.

Come on our journey with us.

We are changing people's lives.