The Lotus Life Foundation empowers organizations and people fighting the stigma against disability through medical intervention and education.

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Meet Ajay, one of our first patients.

Ajay has Cerebral Palsy. As part of our medical program we not only provided orthotic devices to fix his muscle abnormalities, but we taught Ajay's parents to do physical therapy with him every day. His parents have gained significantly more knowledge about their son, and Ajay is comfortable knowing he is in good hands.

Mithul is getting an education
despite her disability.

At our school in Karanjveri, we are providing children like Mithul an education in independence. She is learning to cope with her disability and speak the local language.

Alia's family can visibly see
the progress that she is making.

Her family knows that if they actively involved themselves in Alia's treatment through our program, she will show incredible progress.

What does Lotus Life do?

Our team digs deep into the root of the problem and finds solutions that will work in a rural setting.
From creating rural physical therapy training programs to locally sourced medical devices, our team develops
ideas that carry out our mission.

Check out some of our projects!

  • Aids and Appliances: Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh

    Working with CORD Sidhbari, we provide therapy and medical devices to children with locomotor disabilities, while training volunteers and families to care for the child as well.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing, LLF R + D

    Designing higher quality and more effective medical devices for our patients using local resources and materials to make sustainable manufacturing processes.

  • Tele-Training,
    LLF Education

    An online platform connecting our therapists in rural India to their world-class counterparts in America, to further develop our therapists' education and practice.

  • Satellite Health Centers, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Building satellite disabilities health centers in rural areas of Gujarat to extend the reach of the Polio Foundation hospital to give health access to surrounding villages.

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