Working on the individual and community level, Lotus Life Foundation fights the stigma associated with disability through an education for independence.

The Karanjveri School

Location: Gujarat, India

Through education our children take a step towards an independent future. At our school in Karanjveri, we enroll children with disabilities from surrounding villages with the goal to provide them with an education for independence. Learning to cope with their disability, the children receive individualized education based on their needs. From learning Braille to speaking Gujarati, we give our children the tools they need to grow and engage society. At the school we support the children with education, food, shelter, clothing, and the medical attention they need.

Training Programs

Partners: Cord Sidhbari, Polio Foundation

By providing training programs to local volunteers in rehabilitation sciences, we are mobilizing communities for our cause. This includes physical therapy, assistive device manufacturing, and other occupations that further our project in the Himalayas. These training programs target volunteers in villages who wish to take a responsibility in helping children with disabilities in their village and surrounding areas. The programs are also for families with a child with disabilities. Directly engaging the rural community, this project also serves to increase knowledge of the disabilities and diseases. We have also developed a workshop for manufacturing assistive devices in Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh, India, where volunteers we have trained are creating orthotic devices for our beneficiaries.


Partner: Cord Sidhbari
Location: Himachal Pradesh, India

Our team manages an online platform that connects our therapists and doctors in rural India to their world-class counterparts at medical institutions in America. We realized that our medical professionals in the field are formally trained, however, due to the immense workload they have, they cannot continue their learning through traditional methods. With our educational platform, we are making instructional material and demonstration that will allow our medical professionals to continue their education, learning to utilize the most up-to-date and advanced practices to provide the utmost quality of treatment.