Enabling children with disabilities through proper medical treatment is the first step to integrating them into the community.

Aids and Appliances

Partner: Cord Sidhbari
Location: Himachal Pradesh, India

In the rural foothills of the Himalayan mountains we are engaging individuals and communities with our cause. We facilitate sustainable treatment programs for children with disabilities, providing physical therapy and orthotics treatment while training the families how to perform home-based therapy programs. The process starts with a team of doctors, therapists, and volunteers that seek out children with disabilities in the villages. These children are often hidden from society due to the stigma associated with their disability. We then transport them to our medical facility to provide them with therapy and assistive devices. Assistive devices include orthotic appliances, which promote proper muscular development and posture.

Satellite Disabilities Health Centers

Partner: Polio Foundation
Location: Gujarat, India

The Polio Foundation hospital employs world class doctors to donate their time pro-bono in treating people with disabilities who cannot afford it in Gujarat, India. Together, we are extending Polio Foundation's reach to rural areas surrounding the city of Ahmedabad in order to provide access to medical care for several surrounding villages. By building satellite disabilities health centers in rural areas outside of the major cities, we are creating hubs where people can come from surrounding villages to receive premium quality treatment. Trained physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other medical professionals will provide therapy to children with disabilities as well as train families in our home-based therapy training program.

Disabilities Medical Camps

Partner: Trishla Foundation
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Delivering quality medical treatment begins with awareness. We hold disability diagnostic and awareness camps in Uttar Pradesh and surrounding areas. At these camps, children with disabilities are diagnosed, giving the family more awareness of the child’s medical issues. Through our home-based rehabilitation program, we train the families of the child to perform daily physical therapy exercises, and teach them the lifestyle needs of a child with disabilities. Those with severe disabilities are sent to our facility in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh where extensive treatment is provided over the course of a few months. This includes orthotic treatment, advanced physical therapy, and in some cases, surgery.