R + D

Developing technologies and devices to aid in our efforts to reduce stigma and provide the utmost quality of care for our children.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Partner: Cord Sidhbari

Assistive devices are crucial supplements to disability treatment programs, however access to these devices is extremely scarce in rural areas. Therefore, our Research and Development team is creating a way to source these devices from the villages.

We want to create a simple and cost-efficient method of assembling assistive devices that can then be provided to a local craftsman or manufacturer to replicate the process. This design should be replicable with locally sourced materials.

We are currently developing a protocol to build walking gait trainers. The therapeutic benefits of gait trainers are improved cognition, muscle development, and proper skeletal growth and bone density. These benefits encompass the treatments for Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Paraplegia, and similar muscular diseases. They also have the function of mobilizing the patient, aiding their social development and integration.

Electronic Medical Records System

Partners: Cord Sidhbari, Polio Foundation, Trishla Foundation

How might we build an electronic medical records system that reduces the stigma associated with disability in India?

Keeping electronic medical records in rural medical centers is not a common practice. This results in stacks of notebooks with hand-written medical reports that are very difficult to access and useless in generating insights.

We are building a streamlined, time-sensitive, and cost-efficient method of gathering, consolidating and utilizing patient data in hospitals and organizations in the rural villages where we work. This will not only aid the doctors in carrying out their work to provide the highest quality treatment, but will serve the community in teaching them more about disabilities and the treatment involved.